Thursday, November 30, 2006

Da puppa Bobo

If I had a camera... unfortunately for you, I do not have a means to let you seeee what Iii see...

A dog, a dooog, chewing in the night, with his mind all set on a fight... Ok, so it's not really that. Neighbors Mark and Victor are on a long weekend holiday. And I have the puppa. Beaumont. He will gladly spend hours chewing on damn near anything you give him. This includes, among other things, a Kong with a hint of liver paste, a rag, a catnip mouse (one I somehow missed and verily wrested from his bulldog yap), Mr. One-Eye (a new addition to his moniker due to Bobo from a month ago... luckily the other eye passed without incident) Stinky, my hand and das Poog. I think he's starting to get tired. I'm probably wrong.

But hey. So far, so good. Bobo is now eviscerating Mr. "1-eye" Stinky, who may need saving here shortly. Gus just looks on like a disgusted older brother, sniffs Bobo's balls (which, for such a little Tiny, are HUGE) and then runs in circles in the living room. I think Gus misses his.

The cats, on the other hand, aren't backing down. Felix is perched on the back of the chair with his attitude fully flexed. Rufus is behaving normally, which means he's under the sofa scoffing at the entire show. And I am cracking up wondering how in the hell you entertain your dog's best friend who is here for a three-night sleepover. If they were kids, I'd order a pizza, rent a Squarebob Spongepants video and get drunk (kinda kidding).

As it is, I've got some Graziano Brothers' ravioli in the oven, 'My Name is Earl' is on the tube, and I'm thinking ahead to the hunkering down. Gus sleeps with me. He starts at the foot of the bed, then about ten minutes before my alarm goes off, there's poog ass in my face. It's a pretty interesting migration on his part and a darn rude way to start your day. But something tells me that with three of us in bed, this could change. Could be I might choose to spend the night in the kennel. Could be...

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

T-minus X to Dinner

This here Thursday is one of my favorite days of the year. It doesn't hurt that Thursday just happens to be my favorite day of the week. It doesn't hurt that for the first time in years, I have tomorrow off. It doesn't hurt that my boss came into my office yesterday, gave me a bottle of wine and told me take the rest of the afternoon off. It doesn't hurt that I have TWO turkey dinners to go to (even though I don't like turkey... it's all the other goodies that get me slobbering like das poog). And it doesn't hurt that I get to spend this day with a myriad of friends.

You see, years ago, I selfishly proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday that was MINE. Meaning, no family. Don't get me wrong: I love my family. Fiercely. They might not know it, though. Ah well. But this holiday? It's mine. I don't have to choose sides. No one has to feel slighted because ONE side of the family 'wins' my company over the OTHER side. This frikkin' fiasco will play out next month for the ever dreaded holiday of exchanging debt with family. Yeah, yeah... don't give me any guff about the True Meaning of Christmas. Fuck that; I gave religion up for Lent in 1982 and it stuck. The reality is that Christmas is depressing. A choice has to be made which set of parents get The Day. Last year was easy: I had just moved into my new house a few months prior and made THEM come to ME. It was good. This year I ain't so lucky because I doubt they'll fall for the excuse of "My first Christmas in my first very own home." So das poog and I'll have to pack up and drive either south or west. Whichever way you cut it, someone is gonna be hurt. I hate that.

Aaaanywaaay... today is a day to be happy. It's easy. The weather is absolutely gorgeous for this time of the year. It's sunny, it's warm (as in: the high will be around 56 or so), and I have TWO dinners to attend. For the first, my friend Chris (where I spent last Thanksgiving) is cooking. She only cooks ONE day of the year and today is the day. Despite what people may think, she's a damn good cook as I found out last year. Kinda makes me want to throttle her for not doing it more often. I'm going to make my stuffed portobello mushrooms (with eggplant, gorgonzola, wine, basil, garlic, etc.) The other dozen-odd folks who will be there will each contribute something... most of it being of the spirit variety. And I know for a fact that Carol is bringing ice wine. TREEEEAT. It promises to be a doozy of a time.

The second will be at my friend Jessie's. And that promises to be a boozy of a time, though I may find a way to snarf down some more stuffing and such, because that darn Jessie and husband Bob are both very adept in the art of gastronomy. All in all, it's going to be a great day spent with people I love. How can you beat that?

So without further ado, a short list of those things in this world for which I am blessed:

1. My parents (all four of 'em)
2. My sister, BIL, niece and nephew (I'm sure you all remember The Did and The Goat)
3. My friends (the whole diverse and beautiful lot of 'em) -- which include, of course, the ones I won't see today (Keech, Nuclear Nick, Sue, Nico... all of you!)
4. Das Poog, aka Gus, aka the Methane Monster, aka Mister Chadwick
5. Mis gatos, Felix and Rufus, aka Little Man and Big Boy
6. My new job, that really is more than I could have hoped for
7. My house, Ghostradish Manor, that wears oh-so well
8. All of you... most of whom I have never met, but I wish you all the very best

Have a very Happy Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Save some stuffing for me.

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