Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Laughing at someone else's expense...

Ok, so this is how I came up with the title to my blog. Last night I was sitting in a certain bar (George's) in a certain town (Iowa City) talking with certain people (the usual geeks). I know not how the subject came up, though at one point someone (me, I think) shouted out "Free cooter!", and a certain other someone (Scott G.) responded with "I hate snappin' turtles!" Not only did he mention (several times) that he hates snappin' turtles, but waxed poetic on WHY he hates snappin' turtles. Needless to say, I cannot do this conversation justice, so I'm hoping that another certain person (Micah) will log onto this site at some point and post the notes that she was jotting down out of sheer enjoyment of just how ridiculous it sounded at the time. Drunk speak.

Ok then. I need to figure out more about how to work this thing.

Ever had turtle soup? With a Reuben?
I've had turtle soup and I've had reubens... together, that's a different story. I b'lieve I had some frog legs on the side.
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