Sunday, May 23, 2004

Let's take a poll...

Question: What is the next embarrassing story you'd like me to write about?

1. Mooning the wedding party (the accidental one).
2. Mooning the wedding party (the intentional one... which actually did turn into some red cheeks...)
3. My grandpa's funeral. Yes, even I can turn something 'tragic' into a something that's not only embarrassing, but kinda sickly funny.
3. Hmm... or some random thing that isn't really all that embarrassing unless I actually tell someone...? (And Pooter, DON'T go there!!)

Dammmmmn... I thought I had a lot more stories that were personally mortifying to me at the time. Maybe I just think I'm funny. 'Course, there're ALL sorts of things I could write about. Remind me to tell you of THE WORST **BLIND** DATE EVVVVVVER.

Well, folks and folklettes, it's way past my bedtime and I keep grabbing my cell phone like it's the mouse... I will get used to this 'puter soon. BUT I WILL purchase a mouse.

Nighty night.

Who taught you how to count...can we trust you to count the votes of this little poll?!? Hmm...the random thing sounds intriguing but my vote's gonna go to the baring of angie's ass. I’m assuming the unintentional baring was more embarrassing but I gotta go with the intentional since we will get to hear just what was going through that head of yours. By the way, it just ain't fair...2 whole wedding parties have seen your ass but I haven't? pffft...
I learned how to count from a stupid chemist once. He told me to take a ruler and count off the inches... by the end, I think I reached 24...

You've never seen my ass? Right... lordy knows you've stared at it enough, buddy. Besides, I thought you were the guy that liked things left to the imagination.
I've always found your ruler a little suspect...but whatever you say. After much reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that I have indeed seen your ass. I've seen your ass draggin'...I've seen your ass on your kitchen floor...I've even seen it in little blue panties. Hmm...these thoughts are good for the imagination...but I’ve moved on now. An ass is much interesting nicely decorated…
I have blue panties? Shhh...

So, anyone else out there who would like to cast a vote for my next 'story'? Seems like Mr. Anonymous is an ass man...

(Oh yeah, and you forgot that you've seen me: drunk on my ass; on the floor laughing my ass off; ass over teakettle in love; and a few others, I'm sure).
Add these to the list. Sometimes you're a smart ass...and rarely a dumb ass. The dumb ass title usually goes to me!
Marco, not sure there's a person out there who would ever call YOU a dumb ass. And I'm not so sure I'm a smart ass as much as I'm just a bitch.

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