Friday, May 21, 2004

My baby was delivered today!!

Um, I mean my Dell... no need for me to litter my life with chilluns. They're cute 'n all (especially when they belong to someone else who is in charge of keeping them away from me), but screaming, jumping and hand-tugging isn't my idea of bliss.

AnyHOO, the gregarious and lovely UPS man (Michael... happy 40th tomorrow, man! And I hope the Cubs spank the Cards' ass tomorrow!!) came to the office today bearing the gift of a Dell Inspiron 600m notebook. I have been literally giggling (like a little schoolgirl) ever since. There seriously ain't nuthin' in the world to make me heat up like a shiny-ass piece o'blood-boilin' hardware. It's a beeee-aaaa-yooooo-teeful sight to behold. Alas, I am at work, so the only thing I can do is stroke it, whisper sweet-everythings, and dream of the honeymoon that will commence directly at 5 p.m. CST.

Any ideas for a name?

"Ahhh, how quaint! A tactile input device."
Lovely! But I already named him Turtle... many spanks for posting, though, Guv. Come again!
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