Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Too much with the world...

I don't think I've ever felt so heavy with the world as I have the past few years of the Bush Reich. What happened to Nick Berg is just another hash mark (which is in no way meant to imply that it is not uniquely tragic in its own right) in a long list of heinous acts perpetuated by our fucking government's inability to take care of its own. We've got morally deficient lemming-like Lynddie England saying she was given direct orders from a high ranking official on HOW to pose with the detainees at Abu Ghraib. We've got spum-weasel Senator Inhofe stating that he's more outraged that people are incensed about the abuse than with the abuse itself. We've got Christian militant William Boykin waging war with 'the wrong god', and meanwhile back at the ranch, we're spending $4.7 BILLION A MONTH to fuel a travesty that never should have happened. Makes me sick to my stomach to think "what if?"

Can Iowa cede from the union and become part of, say, Italy? Is it possible we're facing another Civil War?

We've also got good ol' Donald Rumsfeld who presided over the fall of Saigon and systematically allowed uncountable atrocities to go unpunished during the Viet Nam war. It looks like a pattern, don't you think?
Make love, not war.. maan!

Hear ye, hear ye! Good ol' Donny also allowed eighteen members of the Tiger Force in Vietnam who committed atrocities akin to or worse than the ones in Abu Ghraib to skirt a court-martial. Six of these men were allowed to resign specifically to avoid being tried. It's nice for them that Rumsfeld was the Secretary of Defense at the time the investigations were going on (from 1975-1977). Check out this site for more info: I want to be Canadian...
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