Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Dis is Da Poog... he was out whoring one night while I was sleeping... little bastard.

Dis is Da Poog

Oh my goodness, he is so precious I just want to hug him!
Welcome back. He is a precious little poog, isn't he? However, he really truly is a little alcholic whorin' freak! See what he does when my back is turned?
looks like he could use a piece of pie.
You let your dog smoke?
Of course I don't let Gus smoke! That must've been smoke from the whore he was sitting with. Personally, I can't believe he didn't get carded for that shot... he's only one and a half.
Only one and a half, huh? That pic must have been taken at the Union then before they got shut down for serving underage poogs.
**heh heh heh** Wonder where else he's been...
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