Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ears, and why you can't touch them...

I just finished deglazing... makin' a little chicken with white wine, dill, mustard sauce. Mmmm... I go through periods where I just plain can't get enough chicken...

So. Marco. I've noticed in times past and times recent that ya got a thing fer pimpin' me about my ears. Here's the story:

Simple yet true. Ears are one of the most sensitive areas on the human body, be it man or woman. I've had BAAAAAD experiences with guys tryin' to be oh-so 'tender' with my ears. Hey, they're a little more tender than SAY... your (ok, MY) vagina!! Lots more nerve endings, lots more feelin'. You don't need to hit the 'g' spot on the ear. It's all erogenous. For me, anyway. And the quickest damn way to hit my OFF button is to make a little slip (or slurp) on my ear. Ladies, how many times have we subjected ourselves to some jackass sucking away like your ear was some goddamn dilly bar from DQ? Frankly, it disgusts me to end.

Doesn't mean there's not someone out there who can be *aware* of what demon they call up, but I figure in the long life I've led, there might be some motherfucka who gets it right and it this point in time, it AIN'T happened. So do the math... ya wanna fuck around with my ears, or ya wanna keep what little manhood ya got left? (And, Marco, this isn't pointed at you).

There ya have it. I like my ears. And I don't let just anyone touch them.

Guilty as charged. In my younger days I was a big time ear slurper. I had a g/f who liked the ear love, so hey, stick with what works, right? later I found not all chicks dig it the same. Now, I'll make a recon pass on an earlobe, and see where we go from there, depending on the reaction.
Thanks for posting, BTW. I require Cooter every 72 hours, minimum.
I just can't imagine a) anyone WANTING to have a tongue shoved in their ear and b) anyone WANTING to taste ear wax! Now a nibble on the ol' lobe mightn't be a bad thing. And I certainly don't have any qualms about kissing someone behind their ear... you know, that little tender hollow where you can whisper and sigh and it's guaranteed to give goosebumps? **hmmmm**

Anyway, guess that's why mom always told us to wash behind our ears, eh? She *knew* something that we didn't...
i don't like have my nipples nipped at. especially with teeth bared.
Nipple biting... I like nipsters nipping on me, but not necessarily on the nipples. A little biting goes a long way...

Anything else you want to fess up to, Big Jay?
Hey Ang,
Wrap your noggin 'round this for a while...
Twenty-seven decimal places just like you like it!
Aw Marco... ya big geek. **noogie, noogie**
YOU ARE THE BEST! I love your posts!
Ears, humana, humana... it makes me WILD when someone sucks on my ears or blows there. Damn, I go crazy. Love it. I LOVE having my neck bitten too. ooooh soooo good! Everyone has different erogenous zones. I think a good lover can tell what feels good and what is irritating, and reacts with their partners body and responses.
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