Friday, June 25, 2004

Friday at 4:51 p.m.

What makes the last half hour of work on Friday the most dreadful experience in the world second only to walking over broken glass and then landing in a big pile of salt? I'm looking out the window on a blue sky full of little puffy clouds; it's about 68 degrees here (a little cool for Iowa), sunny, and it's Friday. Should I stay or should I go? Mmm... snackable Clash.

Seems evident that I should just leave. Yet it's only another half hour before I'm off. Besides, I'm going to my sister's tonight (again with the Friday...) because my folks are in town and we're having a 'family dinner'. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE my family. I really do. But I'm not one of those people that sends out birthday cards or Hallmark 'holiday' cards. I just don't buy into that shit. And, along those lines, I don't really get into 'doing stuff' with my family. I'd rather be at home washing my dainties than hanging out at my sister's house where I'm asked the same fucking questions over and over again.

"So, who are you dating now? What happened to ***? Well, gee, that didn't last long. What did you do to scare that one off?" There was actually a time in my life that my mother thought I was a lesbian... all because I WASN'T GETTIN' ANY!! Shit, mom, if it'll make you feel better, I'll just go on downtown tonight, pick up some drunken idiot at the Deadwood, take him home, fuck him and call you in the middle of it so you can pick us up some more condoms on your way over with my congratulatory cake.

At least she's over the lesbian thing. Now I'm just a slut. Geesh... make love with a total of TWO guys in the last FOUR years and boom! Think we can live without the labels?

Then there's my sister. "So why is it that you think this relationship didn't work out with ***? Do you think that you might, perhaps, sabotage all your relationships because deep down YOU're the one afraid of commitment... huh, do you? You should really think about the things that are important in life, Ang. Because some day you're going to wake up old and alone." Gee, thanks sis... three years of therapy out the window with that last one.

Anyway, that's what I get to do tonight. Another Friday night of missing poker with the boys. Another Friday of having the Did grab my boobs, the Goat speaking in fractured Goatlish, my mom trying to pry into my sex life, and my sister trying to get at the "Things That Really Matter." There will be small asides from the brother-in-law and my stepdad, but overall, it'll be the women in the family that make this ball roll. I can't hardly wait...

I think your clock must be off by 27 minutes.
Sounds like an awesome time!! Have a blast!
Clock ain't off... just does that weird time warp thing. And it was a hoot. I got to read the Did chapter six in her Junie B. Jones (or whatever it's called). Chapter title: Pooped and Thirsty. Which is exactly how I felt.

Now I'm about ready to fall into bed in a dead sleep. And guess what? The only shit I got was about my hair. Who'da thunk?
Hey there. Thank god the workday is over. Damn that last 30 mins went slow..... Like an addict, all I could think about was blogging... What have I become?
Vadergrrrl... I think it must have something to do with 'virtual' friends. In cyberspace, all our friends are good-looking (oh yeah... I'm fantasizing about Jack and Big Jay on a constant level!), intelligent and witty. And they so willingly say nice things to us. Silly, bloghead!

Seriously, who knows. I'm pretty damn addicted to my laptop. Do you think it's because you can write about anything you want and have an 'anonymous' conversation with scores of other people? Not necessarily something we can do with our real friends, cuz I'm not sure how many of the boys I hang with would want to discuss masturbation! LOL!!

Either way, you rock grrrlfriend!! And I'm headed to your blog anon!
Hey coolest chick in the plante. sorry you missed poker night. Need your help at Jack's blog. We have been now labeled "badge bunnies". Funny, as a pot smoker I never thought I would hear that one.
Hooooo booooy! You talk about fuuuuun shit!

That would be sarcasm.
Hooooo booooy, Justin!! Glad you suffered all the way through it, kiddo! Thanks for posting.
Argh...I hate family life-meddling...unless it's with money. I know the meddling is usually done with good intent but I have found that family often projests their own relationship failures and mistakes on to me, or think that there is one solution for every family member. It's annoying when they are right and annoying when they are wrong.
Dastard. Nail. Head. BAM! You got it, sweetheart.

Unfortunately, I evidently got a little liquored up on Saturday. My parents came to the bar at the end of my shift so we could have a few drinks together without the benefit of the Goat and the Did hanging around, and I said some pretty horrible things to my mom (according to my sister who called yesterday to chastise me). Sometimes I get so defensive around my mom that it's that 'attack first. ask questions later' mind set. Beat 'em to the punch and all that. But now I just feel rotten...
We've all been there. I call it The Self-Defense in Advance Strategy.
( :
Jack, you're great.
It's Tuesday night. Friday is gone. Let the past go.

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