Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's Tuesday and Friday is gone.

Sorry... creeping up on that 72 hour silence.

But it's Tuesday and Friday is gone. Boy, isn't that a fact? At the risk of offending Justin (ya little punk), I got squat to write about. Work was... work. I spent the entire day in some weird ass antihisimine daze trying to get out a contract for a new project. Took me the whole day and I'm not sure I ever started... Then I went over to Jason's afterward to mow his yard. He's been gone for two weeks, home for two days, gone again for another two weeks. Alas, I failed. Fucking Frigidaire (who knew they made LAWNMOWERS?)! After 30 tries of yankin' on that stupid rope, the damn thing finally started. I'll tell ya... I did NOT get far. His back yard has a reverse mohawk, and then the mower just plain died. I tried for 20 minutes to resuscitate it, all to no avail. So I said 'fuck it' and left (I love him and all, but I feel like warmed up dog shit and didn't feel like ripping out my right shoulder). I then went to George's because Jenny took her boards today (YAY JENNY!! Drekkie, RN!!) and I wanted to be there to help her celebrate. Unfortunately, the ex was there and it took all the fun out of it. Now I'm home, I'm blogging, and I feel like (mind if I say it one more time?) warmed up dog shit.

Next post, I'll do my best to be light-hearted, light-headed and FUN. Mmmmkay?

Today is gone forever, thank God.

My favorite part: "thirty tries of yankin' on that stupid rope." Snicker-snicker.
Me feel like puppet master...me say post, post appear. Me likee power. Me not sure why me typee like this. Me just feeling goofy.
Dastard, get yer mind outta the gutter!! But it makes me think of the voice-over I did for my friend, Pooter. He made an animated short, and one of my lines is "Go for the base and puuuull." (Context: pulling sea weeds. Seriously.)

Jack, you are my master. I bow to your superiority. Your wish is my command. Just say it, and it shall be so...

Needless to say, I STILL feel like warmed up dogshit. Damn sinuses.
MMmmmmK, reminds me of Beevis and Butthead and the teacher... Mr VanDorsen? Loved him!

Reverse mohawk, I remember a guy in the 80s having one of those. He is in prison now. LOL
I don't think it's such a big leap from keeping stuff cold to mowing 'em down. Didn't I just see pictures of Reagan going in the ground with the ice princess herself looking on?
I'm not aware of what you're referring to...but if you're posting you SHOULD have something to say, so I probably said something at some point.
Yo Meg! Heh heh... Ignore Justin; he thinks I'm boring but I think he's young. It's a toss-up.
Seriously, I am clueless. I suppose that applies in a more general way as well.
And now, it's Friday again. Have a great weekend, babe.
Hi Ang,
thanks for your kind words on my site.

Hey, anytime sweetheart! **big smile just for you**
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