Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Mr. Anonymous aka Marco... with Gus... in a bar... go figure...

Dis is Da Poog

I'm guessing this is the person that was helping your dog whore around? Such a bad bad influence...
Ah no, David. Marco is a GOOD influence on the football. Gus has a tendency to get his own self in trouble!
Hey there Ang. Just found your site. Funny stuff.
Spanks a gazillion, Vadergrrrl! Your site is pretty funny, too. In fact, sounds like we have some things in common (ie: go out, get drunk, do stoopid things). I'm a pro at that myself!
Nice puppy pics.
Okay, its been six days with no new Cooter. So post, already. Your fans await.
Jack, I'll get right on it... life's been happening, but it's about to slow down drastically. And welcome back sweetheart!
I like the new look. I hope life slowing down isn't a bad thing. I'll be looking for some fresh Cooter. Adios.
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