Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Pillow fight

I want to have a pillow fight. Pooter, can we have a big pillow fight at your next party on the farm? Anne won't mind a few feathers will she? I think that's just the thing to allow all of us to blow a little steam...

Today I feel like the title of one of Harlan Ellison's books: The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World. I don't expect anyone to understand that, necessarily, but that's how I feel.

How did you ever come up with the title Cootersnap? Jim loves that word now.
Welcome back, Mandy. Boy, talk about non sequiturs...

I came up with cootersnap while sitting around with some of my friends one night, and having what I thought was a pretty hilarious conversation about snapping turtles. Check out the earlier archives... the story is there somewhere.
Gee Ang, guess you were wrong...that or Mandy must like bitches and weirdos!
Now, now, Marco. Be nice to Mandy. After all, she's been kind enough to visit my blog, and I appreciate it. However, Mandy, I don't want the word cootersnap to be some kind of catch-phrase I hear all over Iowa City. 'Tis copyrighted and all...
I'm always nice!
I had a dozen "Cootersnap" tee shirts made up and went out to the local folk festival to sell them. I charged those dirty hippies 20 bucks a pop and they sold in half an hour. Im headed back tomorrow with 50 more. I'll send you your cut. Hows 5% sound? Aftwer all, it was your word first, and fair is fair.
Kisses babe.
Heh heh... well, I'll tell ya whut li'l love monkey... not only will I take a free T, but I'll suck up that 5% as well. Maybe my spork tee isn't as great as I thought it'd be...

Jack, you make me giggle.
Wow, I think I'm done reading your journal for good because I was directly insulted.
Mandy, I don't think anyone intended to offend you. And that includes me. It's all in good fun. Just read this with a grain of salt and remember two things: 1) I'm a bitch, and 2) Marco (aka one of the many Anonymous) is an asshole. Jack, however, is a hoot and everyone should bow down to his superior wit. But if you're not reading this... moot points.
Man, that’s funny as hell. When you’re livin’ a life with raccoon-dick bone you’re really livin’. ‘Ever read a book by Annie Proulx called "Post Cards"? Kind of reminded me of a character in that.
Thanks For the Read
Yes, Todd Vodka, I am livin' on the edge with my raccoon dick bone and other dead animal bits. Given the fact that I AM the most graceless woman you'd ever meet in your life, it's amazin' that I just plain haven't tottered over...

And no, I haven't read 'Postcards' but now I'm going to. The only Proulx I've read is 'The Shipping News'. But, being a voracious reader, I will take your suggestion and hit the library this eve.

Thanks for reading... can you interpret my hiccups for me?
I'm a weirdo...not an asshole. There's a big difference ya know!
Mea culpa, Marco.
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