Saturday, July 03, 2004

Complete and utter lack of judgment...

After reading Jay's last post, it reminded me of a night a long, long time ago...

At the time, I was living in a house with four guys. This, I could write about forever, but I'm going to tell you a story of a particular night I went out with some friends.

It was someone's birthday, so we started out at Jen's house eating pizza (spiked with mushrooms, as I found out about an hour later), swilling wine, and generally being silly. Well, the pizza started kicking in around 9 pm. Now, I have no need for 'mind enhancing' drugs; my brain spins as fast as the hamster can run, and that little bastard is on speed or something. We ended up downtown at various bars, none of which I could stomach for very long because the noise was too intense for me.

It was much better when we hung out on the Pentacrest on the steps of the Old Capitol reenacting scenes from 'Ghostbusters' of all things. I thought I made one helluva gargoyle. After awhile, we were all sweaty and desirous of immersing our bad selves in water. So we strolled down to the Union and took a dip in the duck pond. Man, that was the best part of the night for me... until the kampus kops showed up and threatened to arrest us if we didn't stop tormenting the ducks.

Now, somewhere in there, we'd lost several hours, so by the time we dispersed, it was closing in on dawn. I was walking homewards, cutting through frat row, when I realized I was soaking wet. Duh. It made complete sense at the time that I should take off my wet clothes... By the time I walked down Ronalds Street (where I lived), I was buck nekkid and in the middle of the street. Good thing there were no IC cops around. I arrived home, safe and sound (well, safe anyway). The guys had left the porch light on for me, and I decided that I should put my clothes back on before I went inside (after all, four guys...) So there I was, on the front porch of my house, getting dressed under the 60 watt bulb. Brilliant.

I walked in the door. There, in the living room, was Walter. He worked the graveyard shift at Weeg, and was having a beer. I started to walk up the stairs, when he spoke: "Nice show, Ang. Why were you naked?" All I could say was, "I was wet." Then I went to bed. Needless to say, I got a lot of needling for that stunt... Ah well, you're only young once, right?

you're supposed to get wet AFTER the clothes come off. obviously i was not there to take care of matters.
That happens to me every time I get mushrooms on my pizza... I did walk home last night in the rain at 2AM and it really first its fun, then it just sucks, but I kept my clothes on...ahh, to be old.
Yeah well, Jay, I'll tell ya... not a one of the guys I lived with did I with want to be wet (?). 'Nuff said. Too bad you weren't there... but then, I was a bit of a prude back then. And, like I said before, you are the kind of guy who would intimidate the hell out of me. In person anyway.

Bri, heh... Mona let ya off the leash TWO nights in a row?!?! The rain's been something else here (catch it today?!!!), but I bet, at the very least, you weren't sweatin' after the show... while you were walking home, that is.
no way, if i'd been there that day you had sand up your butt like in the pic above i would have spent 20 minutes stumbling over a one-liner i could open with before approaching you. then i would have had my way with you. ;)
Mmm hmm... yep. Story of my life: guys fumbling around for the 'right' thing to say and then, having said it, having their way with me. Shit. I feel so used...
LOL, classic !!
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