Saturday, July 10, 2004

I need a vacation...

Ok... Rufus is puking all over and Felix is watching in disgust as Gus cleans it all up with that gaping maw of his that houses a big ass flapper of a tongue. Rufus is fat. The vet yells at me each time I take him in for his shots. He's closin' in on 20 pounds, and that's a little big for a kitty. I think he's just bulking up so he can take on the dawg. Anyway, I generally don't get bothered by cat puke. It's all kibble. But just now, I came close to puking on my pets. Yes, I need a vacation.

The last 'vacation' I had was with Twit (his new girlfriend I refer to as Twat). We went to New Orleans a year ago March for a week. It was fun, but could have been more fun had I gotten, oh.. I don't know... LAID. Even if it was him. Like I said in an earlier post, I reallllly miss the viking. Sorry, I digress. This is not about Twit and Twat or even the viking. This is about the fact that I need a vacation.

Next weekend, Miz Meems and I are loadin' up the Mazda and headin' south to Missoura. We're takin' Ruby Jean, Mimi's wondrous sweet-tempered big ol' dawg. It's about a six hour road trip, and I'm lookin' forward to the drive as much as I am to arriving in Springfield and hangin' with Steve and Kerry. Anything that gets my ass out of this god-forsaken shithole of a town. I just wish it could last longer than a Friday to Monday gig...

Tonight I'll be hangin' with my friend, Nuclear Nick, who is in town from Minneapolis. He and his love, Kristen, are getting married October 2, and I'm looking forward to yet another mini-vacation at that time.

Now then, I need to start planning a REAL vacation. A week, two weeks... me, a pile of books, New York Times crossword puzzles sans Monday through Wednesday, warm sun, cool water, cold drinks. Me, alone or with someone. Me. Out. Of. Iowa. City. (Ok, leave off 'city'). I don't care where I go. Any suggestions? In fact, I kind of like the idea of going somewhere alone. I used to take myself out on 'dates' all the time. A nice dinner, great conversation (I have no qualms talking to myself), sometimes a movie, sometimes live music (should, say, the Honeydogs ever find their way back here... that was my last date with myself...). Man, I could get me in bed faster than any guy I've ever met (I don't lick my ears, y'know)... besides, I know the right things to say. But a vacation with me, myself and I sounds like a better heaven.

Vacation. Haiku.

I need to vacate
the pettiness of this hell.
Calgon. Go for it.

Ok, lame haiku. But I used to write a lot of it. Nota bene: on vacation, take a notebook, mechanical pencil, and GET IT OUT.

Well, folks, time to jump in the shower and get ready for yet another day wasted in the Appreciation Factory aka George's.

Oh, but one last thing. I want to mention that I got up this morning and drove half a block (in my jammies) to the local Amoco/BP to drop off Luna Azula (my Mazda) for an oil change. A man by the name of John Logan just bought the station from Rose (who's owned it for 34 years) and this guy bent over backwards to be helpful. When I called the other day to make the appointment, he got someone to come in special to do the oil change, because they don't do them on Saturdays anymore. They close at 6 and I don't get off work until 6:30. He's bringing the car to me. Now, that's service. So, kudos to John Logan.


i've done it, vacationed alone. i book a spur of the moment trip to seattle one night. rented a car and drove all over washington, oregon and british columbia. i loved it.
Yeppers, Jay. That's the kind o' thang I'm thinkin' 'bout. Might do a little jaunt down to Athens, might do a little jaunt up north to check on some Badlands fam. Wherever I go, though, I know I will enjoy the company. **smile**
I need to vacate
the pettiness of this hell.
Calgon. Go for it.

LMAO. Its funny how our age group all knows what that means.

I dont think that commercial exists anymore, but in the cement of our pop culture minds...
Ah grrrl... or is it in the cement of our POOP culture minds?... **big sigh**
I go almost everywhere alone. There's a big difference between being alone and lonely.
Yeah Jack, I hear you. I don't mind being alone. In fact, I rather like it. No excuses, no explanations. Just me 'n my critters who accept me just the way I am. And seriously, I'm the best date I've ever been on. But I do worry (from time to time) that I'll end up alone AND lonely. Doesn't everyone think of that?
Yeah, sometimes. Whenever I have those thoughts about growing old all alone, no one to love, no one to hold, I just drink heavily. Soon I feel better.
If you're ever in Iowa, let's get together and drink some beer. (We even have Shiner Bock on tap... though I don't know why folks drink it... ugh!)
Hey Ang,
I stole your haiku and used it in my comments. I may do a post to it, your so FRICKIN GREAT!
Well hell, grrrl! I'm the haiku mistress (along with my dear friend Amos). But that Calgon one sucks ass! Give me a topic, any topic (be specific) and I promise to come up with a mind blower. Or at least a mind tapper...
How about the cowboy that broke my heart?
maybe a mind snapper?
mak, a mind snapper that broke your heart? Hmmm...

Vgrrrl, I think I can do that... let me thinks a while...
Cooter girl mind snap
swallow the lager quickly
until you break seal
I. Am. In. Stitches. mak. That was f'in' hysterical! Meet me for a beer after work?
Okay, here is my haiku:

Go to Missoura
Say hi to Steve and Kerry
From their friend Brian

Pretty inspired, I know, but I am an artiste and all, so here's another:

Cat pukes up chunkies
Dog relishes each morsel
Thinks nothing of it

Oh well... by the way, who is MAK?
Brian, that was one of the best haikus ever... moses, mister! And you're right, he thinks nothing of it.

MAK is Mr. Kimler, doncha know...

Have a good time at the show tomorrow night.
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