Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ok, so I had to take a quick break and get a little something in. I've been cleaning my office all day, goin' through those impossible piles of paperwork (aka the dead white mountains), and trying to get things organized in such a way even a monkey could figure it out. Well, so my boss can find anything he might need...

But now I have less than an hour and a half of work left and then it's ALL ABOUT ME. Yes, I am excited. I can't wait to leave here, go do about 40 loads of laundry (ok, maybe only four), then go home and clean my apartment. I ALWAYS clean before I go anywhere so I can come back to a nice, clean home. And so I won't be embarrassed for Jennie to see it, 'cuz she's gonna be checkin' in on the little bastards known as Felix and Rufus (who have taken the art of barfing kibble to its ultimate level). Just called the kennel, Gus is in like Flynn, so tomorrow morn, I'll be ready to go. Assuming I get all the cat puke cleaned up. By the way, anyone want two cats? They're tuxedo boys. Just turned seven on April Fool's Day... No? Ok, I tried.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. Being able to take a vacation. No matter how small.
2. My friends. All of them. Even when we bicker, bitch or yell, I love my friends. Heck, they're not family... we chose each other.
3. My family. Even though they won't take care of my dog for me this weekend and I have to kennel him in a strange place where he doesn't know anybody.
4. Luna Azula, my Mazda Protege... may her tires not go flat, her timing belt not break (Rog, NOT an interference engine!), her brakes not go bye-bye, or her tranny fall out. She'll be a good girl for this trip.
5. And, well... just about everything else in my life.

Life is good, folks.

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