Monday, July 05, 2004


Aaaahh... a Monday that does NOT suck! Thought I'd post a quick missive before I start cookin'. I'm aheadin' to a brunch at Sue and Philip's, whereupon (if we don't get too inebriated) we will all pitch in and help with the finishing of the pergula (sp?).

But I want to tell a funny story for a change, since my recent posts have been blah and down.

Once upon a time I was engaged to this guy. Let's call him Dick. We were living together in an attic apartment with the only 'rooms' being the bathroom and the walk-in closet. Very late one night, or early in the morning, I was awakened from a deep sleep by something. I rolled over to spoon Dick, but his side of the bed was empty. And cold. Then I hear it again... the unmistakable sound of retching. So I just kinda stayed where I was for awhile, then got up and went to bathroom where poor little Dick was curled 'round the terlet, puking his poor little guts up.

Now, I can't be around vomit, whether active or inert. But I wanted to show my support, so I sat down on the floor behind him, held him, stroked his back... I couldn't do this for very long. I started to feel myself gettin' a little queasy, so stood up to go back to bed. But then I lost it. Poor Dick... I regurgitated all over his back. He turned around with the most hang dog baleful look, but all I could do was say, "Please sleep in the tub tonight, honey."

I s'pose it's a good idea that we never tied the knot, because I don't think he ever forgave me for that night. Ah well.

That is a very funny story.
This is driving me nuts... the count says there was a post in here, but nope. 'Til now, that is, because I'm talking to myself...
You rock! You better watch it or I may snatch one of your photos and post them to Jay's party blog... tee hee. You hot, sexy thang you.

Nice way to comfort a Dick. May have to try that one! LOL
Heh heh... yeppers, nothin' like hot chunks o' love burnin' down yer back to know you are LOVED!!
I actually carried my ex-wife from the terlet to the tub and left her there for the night. I can totally relate.

Well, had I even been able to scrape him up, drag his ass and then pitch him into the tub, I wouldn't have. See, I would have had to touch puke... but that was nice of you to take care of your wife. **smile**
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