Friday, July 02, 2004


Hola amigos!!

I am ready 'n rarin' for this wheekend... no lie! I didn't even make any plans (just in case I feel like doing jack). Not Jack, just jack. You know. One thing I was thinking about on the way home from work today was 'Independence Day', though. Hasn't this day sort of lost its meaning... kinda like Christmas? I'm not religious, so I don't really get into the whole birth of baby Jesus and all that. I'm one of those fogged-over Americans who are caught up by the commercialism and the exchange of debt with my family. Sad, but true. As far as the Fourth goes... well, I'm all about having a day off and partying. A bar-b-que here, a party there... Also sad, but true. Memorial Day has far more meaning to me than the upcoming holiday. For one thing, I don't feel incredibly 'free'. This isn't to say I want to live in a third world country, like Canada (just kidding...geesh!), but in light of our current administration, I feel just about anything but free. Heck, I kinda wonder what things would be like if England still 'owned' us. Would we be more civil to each other? Would we NOT behave like the assmonkey bully we are perceived as by the rest of the world? I know there are a lot of people out there who will/do disagree with me, but my feelings are mine. Anyway, enough of that.

Now then. Party. Jason gets back tonight and I can't wait to see him. Since we've re-established our friendship, I've been thinking about how we used to be such good friends and it's damn nice to have a buddy back in my life again. There's still Amos (yo! you sweet thang!), Rog, Pooter, Mark and Skippy, but they've never 'left' me before. (Abandonment issues and the like). I don't know; I'm just excited to see Jas again. He's only here for a few days, but it'll be nice nonetheless.

After Jason leaves on Sunday, my plan is to sleep, clean the pig sty in which I live, and sweat it all out in my garden. Maybe make myself a nice gourmet dinner one night complete with a resplendent wiiiine. All those lovely therapeutic things that make me one with the world and will prepare me for the shortened work week (what a bonus). And on Tuesday I begin my search for a new gym (mine changed hands and I don't much care for the new owner).

Wow... I just re-read this bore fest. But shit... can't disappoint Jack again. He requires Cooter every 72 hours at a minimum, y'know. Maybe I'll get *drunkish* and do a little more bloggin' later on.

Oh yay! Jas just called and got his flight times mixed up, so he got home and hour earlier. Gotta run! And happy fun extra-day-off wheekend everyone! **smoooooch!**

ah, come on, i think you should do jack. he's be ever so thankful
Jay, unless he's Stretch Armstrong, I don't see a Texas/Iowa thang workin'...
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