Thursday, August 05, 2004


Heh heh. Last night I met Miz Meems for a few cocktails after work. Our friend Dick came over with "Hey, Angie, I have the perfect name for your blog... Angiogram." I thought that was pretty durn funny, but then I thought maybe Angina would be better. More fitting, anyway, don't you think? Alas, I'm pretty attached to Cootersnap, so will not be changing.

Epiphany. I had one the other night during one of our famous Iowa thunderstorms (which is just about my favorite thing in weather). The epiphany was this: I am me. That's it. Sound simple? It is and it isn't. For too long I've cared too much what other people thought of me. Everyone wants to be liked, loved, appreciated. And when someone doesn't comply with how I feel about myself, it throws me into a bit of a headspin. Having read a post by our favorite bouncer, Rob, really drove that home, though.

Why is it as human beings, we waste so much of our time worrying about the things we can't change? I can't make anyone respect me or love me or even like me. So why try to change that impression, much less CARE about it? In 26 days I am turning 39 years old. I don't feel that 'old' and I sure don't act it. But the fact is, I'm old enough to know better. Love, comfort, acceptance... they all come in a variety of forms. And I know that it is within my power to feel at peace with my person.

Namasté. Walk in beauty, walk in love, and most important of all... walk proudly in your own skin.

Amen, sister. As for your last post, I'd have to disagree. You are a nice person. Is Dick having heart problems and projecting with this angina nonesense?
Ooops, I mean angiogram! I got a bad toothache. Give me a break.
Heh heh... you crack me up, Meg. You know Dick. Dick's just fine. **HI DICK!** But Jane fell down... or was that Jill? Anyhoo, I hope your toothache gets better, sweet.
Wouldn't Vangina be the most obvious? News from Europe: The queen has purchased a motor tour of Paris for Camilla as a wedding gift. Hi cut underwear makes me feel cheap and sluttish. I can get mustard and mayonaise in a tube. Angie can't. Angie has porcelin skin. The rug is burning, gotta go.
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