Friday, August 27, 2004

Calling all readers! Book readers, that is...

Ok, here 'tis: a post about a future blog. I made a passing comment about desiring an online bookclub, and it's caught on with some folks. So this post, while it may get buried under future posts, is one I will keep checking in on until we get our new blog set up.

Catt, post your ideas here, my wondrous twin, so that we all may read them. Bodil, Vadergrrrl, Meg, Mush, Fleece, El Cid... ANYONE who wants to be a part of our little read 'n rant, cough up some ideas. Titles, authors, how the blog should be run, etc. We'll just capitalize on all of our intellects and have the best damn online bookclub EVER!!

Now, I know that (seeing as how this is Bloggyville) this certainly won't work like a regular book club. We may be posting about the title du jour for days. In a way this'll be rather nice, don't you think? So come one, come all. Drop names, drop ideas... let's get this under way.

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