Friday, August 13, 2004

Geesh... it's just a toothbrush.

This is goofy. I was in my bathroom last night getting ready for bed, washing my face, etc., when I looked up on the shelf and there was this blue Oral B. I had gotten it for the viking when we were together, but didn't realize at the time of purchase that I wasn't going to see him again.

I last saw him on a Saturday morning (May 8th to be exact) as he was leaving my apartment to drive to Detroit.

Now, this story isn't about the viking or our relationship. It's about the toothbrush. There it sits, having never been used, on my bathroom shelf. It made me rather sad in a 'holy shit, I forgot all about that' kind of way. Hmm. That poor dejected toothbrush. I think I will use it to clean the diamond ring Twitch got for me... and then, all sparkly, that ring will find its way to the Gilbert Street pawn shop, and I'll find myself in the nearest bar celebrating. The toothbrush will have performed its one and only duty before meeting its demise within the confines of a dumpster behind George's.

And with that, I dust off my hands.


It is Monday.
I hope you got enough to party all weekend.

Queenie. I still can't find that damn ring. It's gotta be around here somewhere and good goddammit, I'm gonna find it, drink it, 'n puke it!!
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