Monday, September 27, 2004

**chortling out loud**

Heya peeps! I know... the Cooter was getting a little musty with no new posts. **spritz, spritz**

This weekend was pretty damn wonder-full in my book. My parents came into town on Friday, and as much as I was kind of dreading it, we had a pleasant visit. My stepdad is a good influence on my mom, and we only argued a leetle teeny bit. We hooked up at George's on Friday after I got off work. Blake, Mark and Victor all came down and we had a few (ie. several) beverages and shot the shit. Then Mom, Allen and I went to Iguana's in Hills for dinner. It used to be one of the better Mexican restaurant in these parts, but it's slacking a little... Mom wasn't too thrilled with her carnitas and I'd like to know since when do margaritas look like Quasar's reanimator fluids? Ah well. The salsa didn't suck.

I won't bore you with a run-down of it all, but on Saturday morning before my folks left for a fish fry at my uncle's, they hung my pot rack. I came home from work Saturday night and, lo and behold, my Calphalon was hangin' from the ceiling. Granted, there're about 40 tiny holes as a result of Allen's stud-finding quest, but I don't care. It's one of those stupid things (in the sense that it's a very simple, yet delightful, surprise) that made me so happy I cried. Goofy eh?

So on Sunday morning I got up bright and early and started really cleaning the kitchen. It's amazing how much more space I have... now I can get out my new Fiestaware and pack up the old Crate & Barrel stuff. No longer will I suffer from tumbling tupperware beanin' me in the head every time I open the cupboard. I now have enough space under my butcher block to stow those oh-so important things that take up space but only get used *maybe* bi-monthly (like the steamer, the crockpot, the Cuisinart, etc.) In essence, I have a brand new kitchen. Yep... it's the simple things in life.

The poog and I hung out together for a good part of the day (watched the Cubs lose to the Pirates... sucky, I say... and what the f*ck was Kerry Wood doin' out there?!!), when out of the blue I got an unexpected phone call that turned my day 180. 'Twas from the Viking. We haven't spoken in four months, and damn it, it was great to hear his voice. He drove up and we babbled at each other for hours. I was planning on making eggplant parmesan for dinner that night, so he stayed. Unfortunately, after two and a half hours of preparing the sauce, the eggplant, and assembling it, my kitchen was hot, I was sweaty, cranky, and wanted OUT while it was baking. Well, guess what? All that work and I burned the damn thing. Luckily, the Viking'll eat damn near anything. I consoled myself with vodka.

Anyhoo, that's really the gist of nothing happiness that was my weekend. I'll try to make the next post a little more entertaining... been awhile since I told one of my 'embarrassing' stories for your amusement.

Here's hoping everyone in Blogland is having a great Monday... I know I am!

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