Friday, September 03, 2004

Loose ends and mayhem

I thought, erroneously, that I could get on here and thank everyone for all the birthday wishes. However, this is the third time I've tried to post this damn missive. (Is there any wonder I couldn't get Dastard's b-day 'card' to go up?) I'd aim for reconstructing the first post, but it was longer than an Academy Award winner's speech. Suffice it to say, seeing as how the third time is a charm, I really just want to thank everyone who called, sent e-mails, sent cards, came to George's for the b-day bash, etc. And Kristen in Texas, I want you to know that I DID get your card. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that, and wanted to let you know that I DID receive and I DO appreciate it! (Now, for the life of me, I can't figure out who you are... but maybe I will later...)
My pug now weighs 25 pounds... 14 to 18 is considered the 'normal' weight for a pug. And he's not fat. Really.
There are several blog links I want to add to my page, but alas, I am lazy. This will happen, though. Probably in little, tiny spurts so I don't wear out my brain.
The Round Table Confessional is up and running. We have yet to decide on a book, but will by the end of the day. Right, Catt? And anyone who wants to join in, FEEL FREE. That is, if you don't have enough to read what with all the blogging glut...
I somehow pulled my left quadricep and it hurts like hell. Tomorrow is the first Iowa home game (we're playing Kent State), so I'm hoping my bar legs will return. As it is, I'm hobbling around like my grandma. This could make running up and down the stairs a torturous joke.
Meg and I went to Sushi Popo for dinner last night. This is something I could eat every day of my life. Seriously. Mmmm...eeeeel....
Jason leaves tomorrow for England (for two weeks). **sniff** I'm going to miss my buddy, but think I have properly shamed him into acquiescing to send a postcard my way.
I've read some comments on others' blogs that are downright frikkin' snide to the author. That's just wrong and rude. Should I ever disrespect anyone on their site, please pull my shit to the curb. I'll respect you for it.
Blogger romance... I've also noticed a little of this goin' on. It's kinda cute... but sad, too. Trust me, I've got crushes on everyone out there I make a point to read, but geesh. It's not like I know Thing One (or even Thing Two) about these people. But they are as they read AND what I make them in my own mind. This is a topic I may have to think about some more as it is a rather strange phenomenon.
Well, time to walk the poog and eat some lunch before heading back to the Appreciation Factory. I wish all of you in Blogland a wonder-full and safe Labor Day weekend! Bye-o!!

I cannot stop thinking about sushi. I've been dreaming about it, literally. Blogger has been tempramental ever since that suspicious stock thang. That's what they get for trying to make a big deal out of donating a whopping 1% to philathropic causes.

I've decided my bathtub is my Appreciation Factory.

How's the legs?
Yeah, we must go for sushi again. Maybe that could just be our monthly dinner outing. I'm all for it. Damn... now my tummy is cursing me...

And unfortunately, my legs still look like they could win me first prize in a domestic violence poster child contest.
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