Thursday, October 07, 2004

Aw, fer fuck's sake...

just a little ranting shall ensue...

During my daily slog of the Monday through Friday persuasion, I would like it JUST ONCE (no, really ALL the fucking TIME) if John (the Bitchmaster of the Appreciation Factory) would put a new roll of toilet paper on the little toilet paper thingy when he uses the last square (AND turn the damn fan on so's I don't go gettin' all gassed out and sech). Same goes for the paper towels. I realize I'm his 'ho for forty hours a week, but I AIN'T his fuckin' maid. Beatdown with cardboard tubes. (And no, I don't replace them... stubborn bitch that I am).

I have been told *exactly once* in my life the following: "I feel sorry for you." Ok. Hmmm.... How does one respond to that? I simply turned on my heel, walked away, and took a long-ass piss in the restroom. Now, the problem I have with this is that it's someone I still deal with and/or have to see EVERY frikkin' day of my life (and the fact that I can't honestly glom onto WHY anyone would pity ME). I want to spit on him. (And no, peepages, it's not the Twitch... I think even he would not be so stooopid... oh wait. Yes, he would. But he's still not the idiot who said it.) Any which way, it makes me angry to think a person would be cruel enough to say that to another. Shit. That's just cold. And sharp. Very sharp.

I have AMC on right now, and John Edwards did a little intro to "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". Um... whu???? I'm already voting your ticket, but this was just plain laughable. I'm strangely disturbed to the point where I'm just strangely disturbed. Vader? Any comments on this from the Kubrick Queen? I think this is the point in the evening where I take an Ambien and go to bed.

Bouncer Rob. Anyone heard from him? I'm a taaaad worried about that fever and all (wouldn't want another 'Kevoudini'). Rob, you better be feeling a hell of a lot better and be at work right now. Otherwise, I'll fly out to NYC for the simple joy of force-feeding you enough vitamin C that you piss in an arc that hits your ceiling while lying in your soon-to-be golden-showered bed. Got it? Now post already.

I'm still half worried about this Pod Person that Celti wrote about.

***ah pooo*** There's so much shit going on right now that I can't write about. I have several friends going through really horrid shit and I can't freakin' talk about it with anyone. I feel so wretched that... well... I can't DO anything to make it better for a single one of them! And I feel fucking guilty because, for the first time in a long time, I'm actually feeling GOOD about my life. How fair is this? I'd rather my life be its normal state of shit and everyone else be happy. Just call me Jobette.

Ah well...

Is there anyone out there that actually reads this drivel and has their own blog? If so, and you have me linked, please let me know if I have not reciprocated and I'll add you. I'm an equal opportunity opportunist.

Good night, all. OH! I got pics back today from the wedding. I WILL scan some in and post 'em. Been awhile since I've posted pics... someone please remind me how to do it, okay?

"I feel sorry for you" deserves a beat down with a heavy object or give them the raised eyebrow look, laugh and tell them they'll never succeed as a stand-up comic.

Yeah, I read your blog, and I even have my own blog AND I have a link for your blog

TGIF !!!
Yay, Esther!! Beatdown with a stack of sympathy cards for the ol' coot who said that!! And I have you linked, too, my darling. **smile**
Tell 'em you don't need their fucking pity and to kiss your ass!! Sounds like you've got a lot of shit going on with your friends right now (and ain't it a bitch being the one who always tries to help everyone else out! You and Inanna need to form a support group or something!)

I wanted to visit your blog and thank you for visiting/linking mine. I honestly haven't taken the time to learn how to link on my own yet, but I'll be more than happy to link you when I learn!!

Keep the faith... and when that doesn't work, keep a baseball bat handy.
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