Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hmm... I have a few things to say. Waxing nostalgiac... whatever. Even the Cooter gets a little introspective from time to time, or tome to tome. Besides, the utter disgust and disappointment I felt while writing the last post needs to be counteracted in some way. It makes me sick to look at it day to day... So here's a little lovin':
Iris Avalon. Could there be a more beautiful name? For a more beautiful child not yet born? There are certainly no two people I know who more richly deserve the privilege of bringing another person into this world. I'm going to be an aunt again, and at a time right around November 16th, I will turn into a blubbering fool... oh wait... turn into?
My friend, I sense what you're going through and wish it could be me. In lieu of that, I then joke and laugh... I don't really get it, do I? Or... do i? Either way, I can tell you how much I love You. **That'd be a lot, y'know** (Just remember to pick up some juice when we clean out my damn freezer, 'kay?)
Something a little more personal: You seek out the empty spaces and disperse your heat. I am largely cold; you can't warm me for now. I settle, a cool shoulder on your pillow, a small chill wrapped around you. We meld, pretending to sleep until we do, and I wake up, warm. A brush on my cheek, your arms around me, whispers. My legs forgotten beneath the sheet. My arms reaching for something more.
Oh yeah... this post is dedicated to Johnny Damon, just 'cuz (and Pedro Martinez for pitching such a great game). And Pujhols... because it's worth a damn laugh, ain't it, Em? Pujhols stink(s)...

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