Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I got nuthin'

I discovered that while some businesses have casual Friday, there is at least one that has nekkid Tuesday. I'd like to visit that business from time to time, though I can't think of any electric power tools I might need...


I do need a date, however. Yes, it is true. A bona fide, take me out to dinner, walk on the street side of the sidewalk, open the car door, woo me without being too much DATE. Jason was telling me Saturday night about a hot number he took out on Friday night and it just made me sigh. They went to a hoity-toity restaurant in Mt. Vernon (the one that was featured in --or on-- Oprah). Unfortunately, he said it was a THREE HOUR wait... and yes, they waited. Hell, take me Sutliff and buy me a pizzaburger and some suds, I'd be a happy gal. Just make sure you open doors for me. I'm a sucker for manners...


On Sunday Miz Meems came over for an afternoon church service. I was sadly under the weather from the previous evening's shenanigans, but a hair of the dog it turns out, was exactly what I needed. Not to mention hangin' out and having my perspective shifted, which is a gift Mimi brings to church. Por ejemplo: I was looking out the window at the parking lot across Market Street. What I saw was a row of yellowing, spindly trees planted in a concrete furrow, and wet pavement keeping water from the tender roots. Mimi didn't. She saw color and planes and textures... I usually keep my blinds pulled so as to not be confronted with the harshness of the outside world, but I'm slowly coming around to the beauty of another perspective. Thanks for that one, Mouthy.


Hmm. Done for now. Thanks for playin'.

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