Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The lovely and talented Miss Richfield 1981

I was going to write a lengthy post about the oh-so phenomenal wedding I attended in Minneapolis just this last weekend, but I realized that just because I had an absolutely fabulhoft time, the details might be enough to bore the tail off a lemur. Besides, most of you don't know the people of whom I would speak, so it would really make no never mind. However, I must say, Nick and Kristen's wedding was, by faaaaar, the BEST frikkin' wedding/reception I've ever been to in my life.

Fast forward from a gorgeous ceremony in the sculpture garden of the Walker Art Center to a little club called Jitters. Pooter, Mark, Victor and myself descended into the bowels of the Times building to be greeted with "you're just in time here have some champagne" by one of the waiters. Now, I may (or may not) get back to the prior night's events, but let's just say poor little Cooter was still hungover... at 7 p.m. Not being a big fan of champagne in the first place, my initial instinct was to run to the restroom and hurl. This, I did not do.

Stoically, I made it into the adjoining club room, greeting and hugging people along the way (and grabbing a few asses while I was at it). Not knowing what to expect, I simply plopped my derriere down at the closest table to my best friend in the whole wide world, Amos de la Keechy Keecherton... and her stomach that was (and still is until mid-November) incubating my niece, Iris Avalon. Everyone is laughing, talking, hugging... the energy in this club was markedly different than any other bar atmosphere to which I'd previously been privy. (Don't you just love my fanatical grammatical detailing?) So screw it... now I babble...

Anyhoo, between the crabcakes, stuffed cherry tomatoes, bruschetta, and other such platters of noshings being heralded about by the club staff, this rather large woman takes charge of the stage (see the link provided above to get a peek of Her Presence). All I can say is: I can't remember laughing so hard at a comedy act before... and I think Amos felt the same way because for awhile I thought her water was going to break from all the gut-wrenching guffawing. Once I get pictures developed (though who knows what the hell'll be on 'em since my disposable camera was at the mercy of Simon's new girlfriend -- a story in its own that I won't go into other than when I asked her for ibuprofen, she tried to give me a Vioxx (!!) which I turned down and then PRAYED to Allah that the two pills she found at the bottom of her purse were indeed Ibuprofen... sorry for the run-on sentence... fuck grammar) I will be sure to post a few.

Um... now endeth part one. 'Cuz I have to go to bed now.

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