Monday, October 18, 2004

Rules to Blogging: Cooter's L'il List

1. Do not write a new post when hungover. Words like 'infinity' and 'affinity' are too close together in your jumbled, dehydrated mind to tell the difference, and the switching of these words does not work. Really. I've tried it. Trust me... does not work.
2. Try not to post comments on other people's blogs while playing the role of persona intoxicata. This works for some people, however, I just get stupid... or offensive. (Rob is still ignoring me).
3. Do not be mean to another person. Well, unless they're being a total asshat; then it's ok to pull their shit to the curb. (But be nice about it... like Mouthy).
4. Don't expect other people to enjoy your mindless banter as much as you do. This goes for real life conversations, as well. Don't we all know people who really just like the sound of their own voice? Makes me twitch just to think about it... Why, oh why, must they inflict the torture of insipid, pointless bullshit upon the tender ears of thinkin' people? However, since this is written, no one is forcing you to read it. So feck off if you don't like it.
5. Never offer to link Todd Vodka. Just do it.

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