Friday, November 19, 2004


What do these three things have in common?
a. Raccoon penis testimonies
b. The senator wore pantyhose
c. Bathtub deglazing

Give up? They're all phrases plugged into Google... and my blog was called up. Now, I understand having 'a' show up, since I did write about my lucky raccoon dick-bone. But 'b'? That's just silly (and actually the second pantyhose reference, as one search was for 'raccoon pantyhose'...). And 'c'... well, heck. That just sounds disgusting. It brings to mind something along the lines of Naked Cooking with Paul Prudhomme. "Deglaze the tub using a dry red wine, and be sure to scrape up all the browned bits..."

Eww (sorry about that)... I must be off to George's for a cocktail before heading to my sister's for another family dinner. It's actually going to be fun, but as I wondered earlier, am I more excited about seeing The Did and The Goat or about eating the surf and the turf (lobster tails and filet mignon... mmm)...? When in doubt, I err on the side of gluttony...

Bon apetit!

It's gotta be said - was the dick-bone lucky for the racoon? I hope he died at an old, old age while screwing the racoon equivalent of Halle Berry. Oh - a dick-bone is called an os baculum, btw - I didn't know racoons had them ;*)
I know not as to the luckiness of said raccoon whose os baculum I procured... but I'll tell ya one thing, Riz: Raccoons do indeed have them! They're sort of shaped like a question mark, and the end is split, rather like a snake's tongue, but rounded. This allows them to 'hook' into the female. If you ever run across two mating raccoons in the forest, they won't immediately separate... because they can't.

I should post a pic... well, not of mating raccoons, but of the dick bone...
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