Friday, November 12, 2004


Restless. Such a goofy word for an insomniac. Does it really mean anything in that context?

I'm watching a movie that's the insomniac's dream: 'Rear Window'. I could watch this over and over and over. Much like 'Rebecca' (of which I know most of the dialogue. In fact, I may just go to bed and watch that... it's in the VCR, y'know. I don't have it on DVD... which is in the Living Room).

Anyway, in the former afore-mentioned film, the little dog was just found dead as a doornail. Though the tears from the woman owner sound way too much like the lion in 'The Wizard of Oz', I still cry. Damn it. Good dog for lying so still-like. And can anyone NOT feel badly for Miss Lonelyhearts? And even though you know how it's going to end, don't you still think Thorwald is really going to kill Jeff? And aren't you happy when Miss Lonelyhearts goes to the piano player's apartment because you just KNOW they're going to get it on? And isn't Grace Kelly one of the most beautiful women in the world? And don't you just want to dress like that?

Why did I eat that stupid pot roast sandwich? In any case, my least favorite part of 'Rear Window' is the music during the final credits. 'That's Amore'... but it's all done down in that bad horrible muzak kinda way...


Still feeling restless. Yesterday at the grocery, I was filling up my 5-gallon water containter. This little soccer momma came crashing into my cart (which was empty... I just went for water, really), unloaded her three one-gallon containers and proceeded to RINSE THEM OUT. I must have had some pretty high eyebrows goin' on, because she looked absolutely befuddled that I would bother to make eye contact. Is it just me? I found this disturbing. And she would be the bitch at the recycling center yelling at someone "That's not a #2 plastic!!" God, I hope her minivan gets rear-ended.


I've spent way too much time in this chair. It's time to be kind to my body. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday. **wish-squinting eyes-wish wish wish**
'Night all.

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