Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday blahs...

Anybody ever have one of "those" days? (Yes, it's a rhetorical question). Well, I am in the midst of one... even though it's my favorite day of the week. Wassup with that?!

For whatever dumbshit reason, I've been sitting here listening to the same song by the Foundations (ad nauseum), and writing myself a personal ad (which I would never place). Am I having some strange sort of breakdown? Seriously... as much as I love 'Buttercup' I don't really feel that way (and I'll be good goddamned if I sit by the phone for any guy). And I'm way too much of a skeptic to even come close to thinking about placing a personal ad in the paper (or online... so what follows is me having fun, not an attempt to procure a date from the mists of cyberspace).

SWF seeking SM. Must be a master of puzzles in order to unravel the Gordian knot that is my life. Not necessary to be named Alexander, but it IS necessary that you be GREAT. No mediocre people need apply. Please call 555.OHMY.

See? I think I'm losing it. I'd best get back to work. Happy Veterans' Day (and Thursday) to all!!

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