Monday, February 28, 2005

Bugger up...

and then float that shit down the river.

Evidently, I need to... mellow. out. Then agin, I'm 'watching' a movie with Crispin Glover in it (what the HELL happened to his nose?!!) and if ever there was a human who personifies the exact opposite of mellow, it'd be him. What the hoo IS this picture, anyway?

Hmm... started this last night, but oddly enough I was more interested in that personal train wreck of an actor, ol' crazy Crispin. Now there is one fella who really DOES need to chill. I still don't know what the movie was, but had to watch it. It sucked.

But back to the main gist of what I started on...

It has come to my attention that perhaps I'm not as mellow and easy-going as I think I am. Damn. Sure, there are things that'll get my panties in a bunch each and every time, but are they things that I can deal with on daily basis? It's a little late in the game to come up with a list of resolutions, but one seems necessary that I try to follow: do not let emotions rule my actions. Easier said than done, eh? Because, quite frankly, how exactly does one go about accomplishing this?

Do I just smile and be polite?
Do I not speak unless spoken to? (Yeah... like that's going to happen!)
Do I cut myself off emotionally from those who contribute to the way I feel?
Do I not let myself feel?
Do I simply become an inert hunk o' Ang?

Hey, if anyone has a pat answer, please don't keep me in the dark.


My boss is gone today. I think I got more work done the first two hours today than I have for the last week. It's a great feeling to have accomplished so much is such a little amount of time. Mayhaps I should suggest to him that it would be great if he worked at home once a week.


Could someone out there let me know how put links in the body of a post? I'm a complete dunderhead when it comes to this kind of thing. Heck, it's hit or miss for me to even post pictures. Sometimes I hit the correct sequence of buttons, and sometimes I don't. Maddening, that.


My friend Chuck is on his way back to Ireland today. I must say I'm going to miss him. Mr. Wiley, you brightened Iowa City for the few months you were here.


Anyway, time to get back to the Appreciation Factory. (Why can't lunch last for two hours?) Here's hoping you are all having a great Monday! I've been slacking in Bloggyville, but hey... maybe it's time for a post dedicated to Dickie the Killer Cock.


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