Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dis, dat 'n d'other

WHITE RABBIT, everyone!! I said it enough for all of us... see, if you say "White Rabbit" on the first of a month before you say anything else, then you get good luck for the entire month. Usually, I yell something like "Rufus, I am sooo gonna kick your kitty ass if you don't stop clawing at the door!" But this month, Rufus was good and I had my wits about me when the alarm went off at 5:40 a.m. So yippee kye-ay, kye-oh, I'm gonna have a good month. Even if Satan's holiday falls on the 14th.

Heads up, please: The Roundtable Confessional (link to the right under 'linkertons') is experiencing a lack of reader participation. If there's ANYone out there who would like to join in our little online bookclub, we recently started Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates by Tom Robbins. As always, anyone can post a comment, but if you'd like administrative access to write posts, etc., then shoot me an e-mail at abellew@gmail.com and I'll pop ya an invite. Oh, and I have some g-mail accounts to gift away, so iffen thar's anybody out there who doesn't already have one, e-mail me at the above address.

Ok, so last Sunday my sis came over for a little while with the kids. As always, the cats scattered to the scampering winds, and Gus was His High Holy Roller licking up every ounce of attention the Did and the Goat would give him. Which was. a. lot. At one point, the Goat had to take a wee, so I took him to the bathroom. He learily eyed the terlet, then said "Andy Antchy, I need my pee-pee seat. I wiwl faw in." Hmm... so I held him in place. Glancing down, I realized his little package was pointed straight out the bowl aimed at my knees. Thank God the little bugger didn't actually have to go. Once down from his perilous perch, the kid just stood there. So I told him to pull up his pants. My sister yells down the hall, "Give him just a little toilet paper! Even if he didn't go, he likes to wipe his penis!" O-kay... Square in hand, the Goat got busy with 'clean-up'. At this point, Gus came barreling in and, and... yeah, you know what happened... he licked the Goat's penis. The Goat went barreling down the hall to tell "Mooommy, Gussie just licked my peenits!" Barring future counseling the kid might need, I thought it was funnier than hell. I suppose he'll think twice about trying to take a leak at Andy Antchy's again...

Aw geez... morning news. Gotta love it. Michael Jackson is guilty. Hang him already and be done with it.

Well, kids, I s'pose that's all for now. I need to get ready for another fun-filled eight hours at the Appreciation Factory. Play nice, and remember to share your toys.

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