Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Five things

Five inanimate things I love...
1. My laptop (not my dog... my computer)
2. My Calphalon cookware
3. Anthills that look like castles
4. Books, books and more books
5. Cameras and their lovely by-products

Five living things I love...
1. Weeping willows (and most other trees)
2. Female cardinals (I think they're prettier than their male counterpart)
3. TURTLES, of course!
4. Flowers: sunflowers, gladiolas, violets and dandelions
5. Did you really think I'd forget Gus da poog?

Five sounds I love....
1. Rain... more specifically, the sound tires make when driving over a wet brick street
2. Thunder
3. Cicadas, crickets, bullfrogs... all those lovely dusk/nighttime noises I hear when I'm in the country
4. Nighthawks when they're feeding... I like falling asleep to them in the summertime
5. A sincere "Thank you"

Five smells I love...
1. Cut grass
2. Soil... especially that really silty loam you can curl between your index finger and thumb
3. Cows and horses... no, not their shit necessarily, but that sweet smell you get when passing by
4. Garlic cooked in anything
5. If you could gather up a bouquet of violets... but one smells just as sweet

Five words I love...
1. Serendipity
2. Contemplative... but I like to pronounce it with the stress on 'temp'
3. Cootersnap (hey, it's a word now!)
4. Mellifluous
5. Derriere.

Five places I love...
1. New Orleans (who doesn't, really?)
2. The dock on my mom's pond at sunset and beyond
3. My bed
4. This little spot on Camelback Mountain in AZ where you walk through the rock
5. NYC

I s'pose this could go on forever. 'Specially if I start thinking about things I DON'T love, like grasshoppers. But to finish off in a James Lipton (supercilious twit that he is) sort of way... my favorite swear word is, and always will be, COCKSUCKER. Ta!

Cocksucker is supreme among curse words, no doubt about that!
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