Thursday, February 17, 2005


I would go to jail, I would. So it's not a feasible plan, really. I don't want to go to jail. But how can I make my boss **GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE SO I CAN GET THIS THING DONE BEFORE I GO APESHIT ON HIS ASS**?

Most of the time, we get along just fine (no laughing amongst my friends who actually know more about my working relationship with my boss). But today? Today we are decidedly not. And we're both trying to achieve the same thing... which is get this fucking five page addendum done by 4 pm. Now, in comparison, this addendum is a piece of cake compared to the 63 page addendum we sent out on Tuesday (which, as of Monday night when I left the office, was a mere nine pages long...) See the difference little Johnny? And, as an aside, as of yesterday we have LITERALLY shipped out over a TON of plans and specifications for this project (which is for the construction of a new county law enforcement center).

Why am I bitching about this all? Well, I'll tell ya: my blogging life has taken a direct blow because of work. When I get off work and get the hell outta my office, the last thing I want to do is go home and sit in front of my computer and think. And write. And type. What I want is to go to George's, have a few beers and decompress OR go home, prepare a fabulous dinner and drink half a bottle of wine.

Ah well... at some point some of the madness on this project will cease. Other maddening things will take the place of the first madness, but at least it will be a unique kind of insanity that will create different knots of stress in different parts of my body. It's all good...

And the good leads me to: I AM GOING ON VACATION MARCH 9TH THROUGH THE 14TH.

Yes, dear hearts, yours truly is taking a much-needed break to the Big Easy with my pals Mark and Victor. Last night, as I was sitting with Mark, we were discussing our plans and he made the comment "I have no agenda." I concurred that neither did I, really. Victor, however, has plans for dinner at Antoine's. So I amended my statement with:

"Ok, I don't really have an agenda other than (**here we go**):
1. Going to Antoine's for dinner one night.
2. Meeting Seven at some point.
3. Oh, we HAVE to go to Rita's one night for dinner.
4. Don't forget Brennan's for brunch...
5. One night I just HAVE TO suck down four hand grenades, just 'cuz.
6. I need to take you guys to my favorite bar, the Chart Room.
7. Of course we can't NOT have a Pimm's Cup at the Old Absinthe House.
8. Then there's...

and it sort of just went on from there. Nope. I have no agenda. Well, the only agenda I have on my mind right now is to make it through this day. Soon, I'll tell you all about my friend Sue's grand scheme to get 'free' tickets to go see Guster in April. Until then, buckle up, dress down, get dirty and swear out loud. If you have time, strap on the ol' beer skirt and have one for me.

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