Thursday, February 03, 2005

Vacation... have to get away...

I wrote this on my friend Mush's blog a few days ago:

I haven't had a vacation in almost two years. I want to go to New Orleans for Jazz Fest at the end of April... first weekend (heck, the first NIGHT) Wilco AND Zap Mama are playing. I want to be there swilling beer and hiding out at the Gospel Tent when the big stages are setting up or tearing down. I want to stay at the Place D'Armes in the French Quarter, but skip their shitty coffee in the morning and walk half a block to the Cafe du Monde. I will eat brunch at Brennan's only because they have the best turtle soup in the world. And I will eat at Rita's at least twice. I will drink at least three hand grenades in one night (fuck hurricanes... those are for pussies) and resolve to have the lower alcohol content drink known as a Pimm's Cup at the Old Absinthe House before I stumble the two blocks down the street to my favorite bar, the Chart Room. And I WILL hunt down and find the guy that plays classical music on his water goblets in Pirates' Alley and request a song.

So, that being said, Cooter is planning a little get away. I need one before I go insane AND I have to take it before one of our projects takes off... it's in bidding now, but it's only a matter of time before it explodes into a full-fledged pain in the neck. In other words, Jazz Fest is out.

Plane tickets could be had for cheap. And rooms at the Place d'Armes start at $159. I'm in. Who seriously wants to go? I'm hopin' that March 21-25 might work out, but I'm not entirely sure if that might be too late for me depending on my work load here. Anyways, here're my feelers.... **tickle, tickle**

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