Friday, April 29, 2005

Capers and hijinx, indeed

You know how sometimes things will go all awry for no apparent reason? (Yeah, I’m sure you’re all well-versed in Murphy’s Law.) ‘Course, you also know how “they” say that things always have a way of working out anyway? (I’m not sure if there’s a metaphysical ‘law’ for this one… karma, kismet, fate or faith?...) For whatever reason, the past weekend was such a case in point…

To make a long story short (ever notice how much I use that terminology and then proceed to bore the snot out of your nasal passages?) I have a friend who was supposed to be coming in from Chicago last weekend with her husband. I also have two other friends (from Minneapolis) who came down Saturday to surprise the Chicago friends.

Pisser is: the Chicago friends never made it. But you see, this is the part of the story that makes you go, “Hey, this didn’t turn out too badly after all!” The reason being, of course, is that to spend time with the Minneapolis friends, Nick and Kristen, is ALWAYS a whambo jamboree. And then, in this particular instance, to throw in the added presences of Kris and Adrian was icing on the cake (or, in my case – not being a sweets fan – salt on the *insert any saltable food item*).

We all hooked up Saturday night after I got off work from George’s and went to dinner at Devotay… good wine, good conversation and then… attack of the ubiquitous capers. Seriously, there were capers everywhere. In the sautéed mushrooms, in the baked chevre, in the paella, even in the frikkin’ bison meatballs!! I’m not 100% sure, but I think there were even capers in the poached pear with bleu cheese dessert that Kris had… Anyway, suffice it to say, this restaurant uses capers like most people use salt and pepper. Need a little flavor? Well hell, throw in some damn capers! All was not lost, however. We got our bellies full (of capers) and it was a relaxing few hours. (And a giant **burp** thank you to Adrian for the rental of our food and wine!!)

Afterwards we done headed back to the bar to continue our various conversations and whatnots. Turns out that Kris and I used to hang around in the same crowd back in the day, so our conversation ended up being “whatever happened to…?” and “do you remember…?” In fact, this is what Lisa (Chicago friend) and I would have done. Instead, I made a ‘new’ friend (make that TWO new friends!!) AND got to hang out with Kristen and Nick to boot. So while the beginning of the weekend started off a little shaky, it redeemed itself on Saturday.

Sunday, however, was another world entirely and I will definitely be blogging about it in the near future. However, I just wanted to toss out big ol’ HELLOs to the House of Nuclear Mort and to the Estate of Endorphin. And while we’re at it: Lisa, where the hell did you two get off to…? (You missed your own party!!)

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