Thursday, April 21, 2005

**insert expletive**

Evil gluttonous blogger! Yes, I actually wrote something yesterday but it done got et up by the cyber sow. And yes, I am now using ‘Word’ so as to avoid any future acts of annihilation on the part of whatever the wares that was, that was, whatever the wares that was.

Now then, Seamus had suggested I write about what has been making my life ‘mildly frantic’. Well, I got that all out yesterday, but now it’s gone, never to return. Though I tend to repeat myself frequently, it’s hard for me to do so after such a purge. Some of the events from the past few weeks are:

**My friend Larrietta and I went to see Guster play on Sunday night; frikkin’ GREAT show!!
**My friend Marco came to town, passed his defense and is now DR. L….
**Had drunken brunch at Mark and Victor’s that ate up the entirety of the day’s sobriety a week ago Sunday
**Had an afternoon off on Tuesday to spend with Marco out at the Sutliff bridge… which ended in a trip to the ER for him… poor guy…
**Sat at Larrietta's one night swillin' beer and having a generally relaxing post-appreciation-factory time
**All of the above are just a few of the fun things (except for the hospital), and doesn’t include such horrid mundane things as meetings with the accountant, trips to the recycling center and the other sundry mundanities of life…

Anyhoo, to make what had been a rather loquacious tale of social butterfly-ism and obligations into a neat little package, I will say this: the world has been too much with me, of late. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s been a rather enjoyable rush of dinner here, concert there, fun, sun and celebration. But. You see, the Cootera is a mostly sedentary creature, built to go low and slow. Imagine British sports cars with tiny engines… (yes, I said imagine…)

And there you have it. My ‘mildly frantic’ life in a nutshell… or terrapin shell, as the case may be. On top of it all, tonight my friend Larrietta and I are going to a picnic for the non-profit organization we volunteer for. Tomorrow I have some friends coming in town from Chicago, Saturday I work all day at the bar, and on Sunday I’m leaving early in the morning to drive home to see my dad, stepmonster and grandma. And then the week starts over…

On the bright side, my beloved sister (the one who makes the black gak butt lava instead of taco meat) was kind enough to go to my apartment this morning and pick up Gussie for the weekend. Seeing as how I’m going to be more or less tied up until Monday, it was decided the poog should have some fun with the Did and the Goat. What’s funny about it is that sitting here thinking about the little guy not being there when I get home makes me really sad…

Oh, and did I mention that I have either: a sinister sinus infection, a horrendous head cold or awful allergies? ‘Tis never a good time to have any of the above, but fer cryin’ out loud. Couldn’t this have waited until next week? Just keep your fingers crossed this Aleve Cold & Sinus shit works… otherwise, the Cootera is going to be one snappy bitch in the meantime…

Uh, you might be 'mildly frantic,' but you haven't mentioned my name in your blog for weeks.

I'll forget this insult so long as you give me a blog page or two. I'm the bomb, damn it.
Righto... and you ARE...?
Oh. Poot. Yeah... we need to talk.
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