Thursday, June 30, 2005

Damn my ears

Gimme a vodka. Walk away. Leave me alone with the whisper.

The funkitude is kinda goin' around, eh? I'm sitting at home wishing my ''home" was someplace else. Love the apartment... don't like the 'basement'. For those of you who may not know: I live above a bar. A good bar. An adequate bar. A townie bar. A neighborhood bar. A bar in which I work ONE day a week (can't seem to quit and gettin' fired never sticks). Right now Patrick Hazell is playing; first time I heard him was at my sister's wedding reception some gazillion-aught years ago. He's fun. But I want him to shut up. Now.

I need to move. Harmonicas make my dog nervous.


Say g'night, Gracie.
"G'night, Gracie".






Um, yeah. That's it. THE END.

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