Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Loaded for bear (or at least be_ _)

Ok. It's been a busy week. But. BUT.

I came home tonight. My sofa was moved. My chair was moved. My coffee table was moved (with a marble top, it's a little heavy for me to move it alone). My blinds were pulled all the way up. And my dog was wiggin' OUT.

Here's the deal. My landlord called me at work this morning around 10. He asked if it was ok if 'the painters' came into my apartment to take out the storm windows so they could wash the panes (they were painting the outside trim). I said "Fine." I had misgivings.

A) I'm not a big fan of my landlord (thanks for the two hour heads-up that someone will be in my apartment).
B) I'm not a big fan of this asshole named Chris that does the painting around here. (Pat, however, is a really nice guy).

When I let Gus out of his kennel tonight, the little dude was more than hyper. Took me awhile to figure out why: 'someone' had given him a rather large handful of coffee beans. Gus has since been running circles, puking, and running some more.

I'm fucking pissed off. And the next time I see that motherfucker, I am showing him (in no uncertain terms) the back of my hand. At least twice.

Man... as if this week couldn't be any more strenuous.

Anyway, had to rant. I'm not dead. Just busy. And now, really REALLY pissed. (Anyone know a natural doggie downer?)

On the upside, my ex-boyfriend (from a gazillion years ago AND we're still friends) is in town, so I got to hang with him for awhile. AND "Something About Mary" is on tv... I hate the movie but Jonathan Richman is singin' and I sure do LOVES me some Jonathan Richman...

Time to go run Gus around the block a few more times.

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