Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Whew! It appears my laptop was not infected with Magzipi virae. Whatever it was, it took me only three days of pushing various buttons, clicking stuff and banging my head against a wall. But behold!! The Cooter 'Puter is operational! (I, for one, could not be more thrilled... nor could I tell you what was done to make it so).

Yet, I still have absolutely nothing to tell y'all. It's been hotter 'n a Hades inhabitant in a metal suit. On top of it all, it hasn't rained (really rained) for close to two weeks. The weather people keep calling for it, and it keeps missing us. This translates into me thinking "It's going to rain; I don't need to go water my garden." Which in turn (after a night or day of the weather not cooperating with the words of Joe Winters or Denny Frary) translates into "WTF? Is anything alive out there?" So, while the storm clouds are overhead this fine morning, I'm going out to my garden tonight after work to either a) water it, or b) pull up all the dead little greenies and dust my hands of the whole affair.

To escape the heat last night, I went shopping after work. I hate shopping. But hey, I needed some clothes. And I've decided that Von Maur carries the most hideous shit in the world. I mean, who wears this stuff? Pink and green ruffled skirts with slashes of color that look like Coco the chimp painted the swatch for it? I can't even begin to describe some of the NAUTE couture that assailed my eyes. After about ten minutes of looking around, it was time to go. I ended up at a local place that's similar to Scheel's and found what I was looking for... and it was all on sale. Life is good.

Ok, this is weak. I better stop before I accidentally fug myself or something. Besides, I was going to tell you all about my armpit stubble (is it normal to have a persistant 5 o'clock shadow? why doesn't my triple blade razor work as they claim on television?) or these weird little spider bites on my ankles or how just damn swell my poog is, but... you are saved. Carry on.

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