Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Addiction is a bad habit...

Yes, this post is about addiction. I have this really bad habit of becoming addicted to things. Can't help it, really. It just happens and then I find myself clenched tightly within the jaws of the bang-bang du jour.

Unfortunately, not all of my addictions are harmless. Let's take, for example, my blogging habit. Now I'm not one to stay up really late at night, but a few nights ago I was up waaaay past my bedtime whilst catching up on my bloggyroll. (Shame on y'all for being too interesting to let me sleep!) The next morning, needless to say, my lazy patoot did NOT want to get out of bed and my right hand (unbeknownst to my left hand) kept hitting the snooze button. As you can imagine, this royally messed up the time-space continuum in which I reside. Therefore, while driving to work *perhaps* a mere seven miles over the speed limit, bleery-eyed and without my usual dose of coffee (another addiction, I might add), my car ran over a squirrel. Ok... I ran over a squirrel. But all of us in Blogland have the blood of that squirrel on our hands. So keep a keen eye on your addictions, folks, before they turn deadly.

On a lighter note, my new addiction is Sudoku (you say Soduko, I say Sudoku)... many thanks to Paul of 'No Milk' fame (linked on the right under 'Milkless'). I tell ya, people... please quit turning me on to stuff I'm not strong enough to deny.

Yep.. You name it ... I'll find a way to be addicted to. I spent days on end just thinking of blog names!
Kathleen, if I had to name all my past addictions, it would be embarrassing... I guess the one good thing is that most of them don't last forever!
Why do you have two commenting systems running?
Some people prefer blogger comments, so I keep them. I, however, prefer halodick even if it doesn't work properly sometimes.
I'm sneaking in on this comment section because it's a shorter line. Just think of the time I'm saving!
Yeah, addictions....don't get me started. I'm trying to quit!
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