Sunday, July 17, 2005

Crock o'...

my frikkin' dawg.

Honestly. People. If you throw a lot of good 'stuff' in a crockpot... it does NOT necessarily turn out tastin' good.

I'm going to hurl.

At least my dog will eat it.

Not the 'stuff' from the crock pot.

LOL i can relate. once in a while i would 'experiment' with spices and ingredients. brian always yells at me later if it turns out bad. i don't have a dog to eat it though and i won't feed it to the cats... :P
The cats wouldn't touch anything I make with a ten foot catnip stem. But you should think about getting a dog, Paul. Gus eats ANYthing. Including the treats the cats leave for him...
Yes, experiments gone awry. This is something I am very familiar with. I refuse to use recipes (well, I'll use them as guidelines but feel that i must improvise to make them MINE) Sometimes my improvisations are brilliant. Sometimes, just sometimes, I have just go throw it over the back fence for the raccoons.


There isn't much worse than a crockpot meal gone bad.
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