Thursday, September 08, 2005

Isn't today...


This is my favorite day of the week.

Two weeks ago tomorrow I looked at the house in which I will spend the next very several years of my life.

Two weeks ago we all waited and hoped that Katrina might... well, veer off.

Two weeks ago, I was different person than I am right now. I don't have anything to say about the happenings down south. Other than, DAMN. I have nothing to add to the multitudes of sentiments that have been expressed ad infinitum. What is there to say, really?

I'm not a praying sort of person, but... well, I'm still not. There's still a sense of obligation, however. If you can't fulfill it in one manner, certainly there's another. To some extent, maybe we all feel a little helpless, ineffectual, guilty.

But I'll tell you: there is a LOT to be grateful for in this wide world. Some things put it in more perspective than others, but the truth is: there's always something to smile about. So indulge me...

I smile about:
* my family, without whom my biggest dream would not be coming true;
* my dog, Gus, who truly is the best damn poog on earth;
* my two cats, Felix and Rufus, who keep my life full of fur, puke and catnip mice;
* my friends... we might not always see eye to eye, but I love 'em, and I know they love me;
* my boss. Even though we argue *every day*, respect is still there;
* you. My friends whom I have not yet met.

Smile. Life is good.

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