Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's official!!

I am a homeowner. I have a thick sheaf of paper, a ring of keys, and one helluva sense of elation to prove it. If I'd known it was this simple, I'd have done it years ago. Have a stellar weekend everyone!!

i joined that club just a few weeks ago myself and it's still hitting me. i walk around and think, that's my tree! that's my driveway! that's my house!!!

may you be very happy in your new home.
Hee hee!! I know... the "Oh wow, a bird just landed in my (as yet unidentified but I thought it was a magnolia) flower tree!" or "The neighbor's dog just took a giant poo in my front yard!"

And as I discovered yesterday, there's also "Oh shit... there's a leak under my kitchen sink!" and "How did all these Japanese beetles get in my living room?"

It's ALL exciting, though!! And the funnest part is unpacking and putting things in their very own special new place.

CONGRATS TO YOU PATRICIA!! May you and your hubby enjoy your new space!!
Congratulations to you, well done.

here via Texas Music Blog.

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