Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Orion 'til Tuesday

Hello, my friends. I just realized it is Wednesday. Hmmph. Too bad... I was thinking about that Aimee Mann song, 'Voices Carry'. I'm trying to shush it down.

I love my new life. It's like waking up in the morning and putting on someone else's coat. Moving to this house has made me feel ALIVE. Every day I find something new for which to be thankful. Really. The commute to work is breathtaking. No more being stuck behind the Court Hill bus that stops *forever* by the high school. Instead, I drive through countryside not quite yet degraded by progress. There are beautiful rolling hills shrouded in morning mist, the sweet smell of cows, sunrises that take your breath away and the occasional mushed deer or raccoon or skunk. Ok, not so pretty THAT... but it's real. It's Iowa. It's mine.

And for as much as I newly appreciate already, I'm learning the things left behind... things forgotten from another time.

You see, tonight I could see stars. Stars. Yes, I've been in the house two weeks, but so many other things have needed attention inside, that I failed to notice (or remember) that I have an outside, too. Conditioning from living in such a public place for so long? I dunno. But something struck me. The stars in my eyes. The shuffled smell of dry leaves. Crickets in November. The wind shishing through my hair.

When I got home tonight after a walk with my neighbor and friend (MAK!), Gus and I sat outside in the back yard. It was dark. I could see the stars. I could smell the leaves. I could hear the crickets. And the wind made me feel alive.

Your blog is very, very refreshing...
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