Friday, January 13, 2006


It's ironic to me that, as I sit in my office choosing interior colors for a project, I need to pull the blinds, block the sun and flip on the overhead flourescence. How will this palette look inside this building, with its cubicles and suspended lightning rods? I wonder to myself if the people who will one day work in this building will bring in pictures of their family, a house plant for their desk, or maybe even a Beanie Baby to stick on top of their computer. Something... anything to brighten things up a little. I look at the choices in commercial carpeting and resilient base and sigh. Whoever thought to name carpeting after job titles? Accountant, administrator, banker, salesclerk. I'm not making this up. And while I'm choosing between the necessary blahs, at least I can throw in a hint of color with an accent wall and the Corian. And with that, I raise the blinds and let the sun back in.

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i love that corian shit. so shiny and smooth.
...and oh-so cool to the touch...
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