Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hurlmark blows

I really loathe the idea of a company-touted holiday that capitalizes on the sentiments (or fears) of a population bombarded with meaningless twaddle. Think about all the money that is spent on this one 'holiday'. Last year it was over THIRTY BILLION DOLLAR$. This is in the name of love? I'd love it if some of that could be diverted to our educational system or to the building of new levees or to (pick-your-disease) research or... hey, let your imagination run wild. But I digress...

Yes, there's history surrounding St. Valentine's Day... but which explanation works for you? After all, there's a ton of 'em out there. I'd have to say my personal favorite involves three early Christian saints of the same name who were all said to have been martyred on February 14th. Makes you feel all warm 'n cozy inside, doesn't it? Or does it make you crave chocolate? (Mmmm... chocolate...)

I'm just curious. What (or why) exactly do we celebrate this day? Do you even know? Does it matter? Are we so in love with being in love that it's just a perfect excuse to go out to dinner, buy flowers and what-have-you... in short, to spend our money in order to show or prove our love to someone else? What say ye?

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