Thursday, February 09, 2006

I don't get it...

Why do people have boxes of Kleenex in the rear window of their car? I almost understand the stupid little stuffed animals; look in your rear view and there's a plethora of plush, smiling faces staring at you... while the guy in the SUV behind you is honking or giving you the finger for sitting at a green light whilst admiring your little horde.

Why, when there is a YIELD sign, do people ignore it and just keep going? I almost got creamed today by a little old lady driving recklessly to her unknown destination. The only reason I didn't give her the one finger salute was because, well, she was a little. old. lady.

Why does my boss insist on having a conversation with me through a closed door? Gee willickers, I'm taking a leak! Don't talk to me when I'm mid-stream. You won't get a response.

Why is it when I go to a construction site the guys tell me to watch where I'm walking? It's something I mastered about 39 years ago. I'm perambulatin' (yes, indeed). My eyes really ARE open. I'm paying attention, believe it or not.

Why is it necessary for me to take a vacation day just to get stupid things done like taking the dog to the vet, having my eyes checked or the oil changed in my car? This is NOT a vacation, now is it?

But the biggest thing? Why do I keep hearing people bitching about the cold when we live in IOWA and it's FEBRUARY? It's about ten degrees warmer than the average. Are we gettin' just a little too comfortable with global warming?

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