Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bits 'n pieces

This is a small college town. Those of us who live here year round breathe a sigh of relief in mid-March when, for a week, the students pick up and go to Cancun, Orlando or wherever. This is that week. Maybe that explains why life seems a little easier, a little breezier. Come Sunday, they'll be back, though, and those of us who live here year round will look forward to mid-May when our town will be transformed back into the relatively quiet little snooze that we all love. It's a great time of the year, and the down time allows us get our collective strength together to deal with the fall onslaught of bad drivers each new academic year brings. But it's winding down, my people... and we all feel it, relish it, look forward to it. I couldn't be happier.
Tonight my neighbor, Mark, is coming over for dinner. Victor is out of town on business, so we will keep each other company and eat some good vegetarian food. I'm going to make Pasta Raphael and Mark will help me clip Gus' toenails... a job that requires two people.
I've been thinking about relationships a lot lately. How we relate to our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones. Isn't it all about making others feel good about themselves? Isn't our duty in any relationship to buoy the other and hope they do that for us as well? As a single woman (something I've been feeling extraordinarily lucky about), my perspective may be skewed. I haven't been in a full-throttle relationship for quite some time, but recently someone made me feel good about myself. It's... important to do that for other people. And all it took was someone paying attention.
This is my tenth straight day of working, and I'm looking forward to this Saturday at 6:30 when will I have the next 37.5 hours OFF. Time for rejuvenation, celebration and paying attention.
Lastly, my very best friend (whom I haven't seen since October 2004) will be in town for a long wheeeeekend at the end of the month. Gigglefest 2006. I cannot begin to express how happy the thought of this makes me.

So with that, I say unto you: HAVE A GREAT HUMP DAY, everyone!! I know I'm gonna...

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