Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We all make snap judgments. When we do, sometimes it's really hard to 'come around'.

I've been living here, in my new house, for five months. In that time, many of my neighbors have stopped to introduce themselves. It feels like I'm part of a secret club of people who belong somewhere and, somehow, they're accepting of me.

That is, all but two. My neighbors to (what passes for) the east have never acknowledged me in any way. That is, until Sunday. My friends S and M (yes, those are their initials) came over to help measure and stake out the back yard so we could build a fence for the poog. Now, the lots in this little area of town are, in a word, screwy. There are ravines behind the houses on both sides of the street, and the road doesn't even begin to play into the grid. This doesn't really matter except to tell you one thing: my property line has been somewhat of a nebulous issue.

When S and M came over, we started on the side where the length was fairly clear in the plat map... and it took us further back than where my realtor had told me the property line ended. Ok, still with me? Bored yet? That's ok... this is a boring post. But while we were standing around befuddled, thinking this couldn't possibly be right, we discovered two more pins behind the garage of my neighbors to (what passes for) the west that clearly indicated the lot was, in fact, that deep. It was at this point M (a good ol' boy) decided to go knock on the curmudgeon's door - the man (and his wife) who had never spoken to me - and ask him if had any more information regarding the size of the lot.

Now S is a professional woman who has more tact in her little pinky than I do entire body. She thought maybe I should go do 'something else' while the old man came over. Not a bad idea, because I had it in my head these people hated me for some reason. Alas, he came over while I was still outside. Know what? This man was wonderful.

Not only did Bob tell us about his life and some of the history of my house, but he showed us that my yard is substantially larger than orginally believed, AND I have a beautiful maple to boot (one he planted decades ago when he thought it was on his land). There's a much better place for my garden and now I'm thinking a nice herb garden would work in the other place I had planned. This man made my day. On top of it all, he even offered up his compost container for my use OR I could have the second one that is empty. Talk about neighborly, eh?

All this time I assumed these people didn't like me... maybe because I'm a single woman, maybe they don't like my dog, maybe... who knows? But it turns out that I made a snap judgment. One that was wrong. And I'm really happy, for once, to be wrong.

(Yes, someday I will post pictures... maybe after the garden is in and the fence is up. 'Kay?)

it's wonderful when we find that people are in fact nice. sometimes i think we live in an age that is so jaded it's quite depressing.
I agree, Paul. But at least we can try to change the way we view others.
April? It's not... oops. You're right, Taza. So, um, ok then. Soon. I'll post soon.
cootera! it's keef. problems with server, need to speak to mush ASAP. do you know how to get a hold of her?
Hey Keef,
I have a # for Mush. Don't wanna post it on here. Send me an e-mail at abellew@gmail.com. Hope all is well... or getting better!
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