Monday, May 22, 2006

Hungry water

The bright red numbers read 1:23. The bedroom floor is smooth and cool as I pad across to the bathroom. Turn on the faucet, let the water flow, feeling the temperature decrease as I imagine tapping into the Silurian aquifer. I let it run over my wrists, gliding from tepid to coldness in only seconds. Cupping my hands, I drink. Deeply.

What was it that woke me? Made me want water? The dog snores lightly from the end of the bed. Did I just dream about drinking water? I'm still thirsty, but no, my lips are not warm. They're moist, but feel chapped almost. I slip back into my dreams...

The clock reads 2:28. I roll over and sigh. The water bottle is empty. The dog has moved and is on one of the pillows. Wasn't I just up an hour ago? Again, craving water. Back into the bathroom turning the tap so it's all the way open. Water is splashing onto my face and arms. Drinking and drinking, until at last I feel sated. Yet once again back in bed, still feeling thirsty, as if I had never moved.

At 3:36, I realize the water is hungry. And I'm just not thirsty enough to get up again.

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